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About - Fernando Claro

To the art of couture, we say Yes.

Fernando CLARO is a Family Tailor Made & Haute Couture brand for women, with a really long and remarkable trajectory. As many great family fashion businesses, our company maintains the classic spirit of "haute couture houses"; the care and love for the art of couture. Every piece that we create is handmade in our workshop in Seville, under the supervision of the creator, Fernando Claro (65).
During the last 10 years, he has been helped closely by his daughter Beatriz, and that mix from old artistic conception of fashion and the fresh view from the younger generation, enables this brand to have and maintain an elegant and innovative philosophy.

VIP, influencers and red carpet in Spain

Bridal & Special Events

Bridal, cocktail, night or special events.  Red carpet and wedding guest… some events has a special meaning for you and we know it.  Our mission is to create the dress for your moment. To dress the star inside you.

Seville, Madrid, or virtual appointment…

After more than 35 years of experience in tailor made clothing and creating your dream-dress, in 2020 we launched C L A R O Yes, the fresh Prêt-à-Porter line made with the care in details and manufacturing standards we used to work with in tailor made. All pieces are made locally in our workshop from Seville to the world.
Epliota Long Dress
Founded by the marriage Fernando & Charo, this family business has become in one of the most important brands in the national fashion scene.
Designers, Beatriz and Fernando Claro
Beatriz and Fernando Claro

Father (founder) and daughter. Head Designers in CLARO

Seamstresses and CLARO team
The Creators

Monica, Isabel, Fernando (founder), Maru (in her wedding dress) Ana, Cini, Pepi, Anita y Alejandro. This is the team, the faces and the hands that manufacture all pieces in CLARO. See some video of them working in the button below.

Down picture, made during the lock down the online lead team Bea, Fer, Maca, Pipa and again Fernando and Charo.

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