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NITRO - Haute Couture Collec - Fernando Claro

NITRO presented during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Here the  full show

Issued in live on 16th Sep at 15.30h  

Collection of 35 outfits created with simple volumes and pure colors such as red, black and white and certain shades of gray. Beautiful fabrics based on silk poplin, ottoman and taffeta. We are using jacket suits again as a garment proposed for next year, pushing to position it as an even more feminine and powerful garment, without leaving behind the sensuality and modernity in the cuts. We also bet on a range of short dresses with certain eighties touch and cuts. Finally, pieces with princess style volumes for the more special garments for elite and red carpet events.

COLORS: Black & White, red and gray.

The prints -something that we have never used before-. They provide a good mix between a daring look and a luxurious air.

NITRO: From nitrogen, is one of the most importante chemical substance on universe.

Fernando CLARO is a family Tailor Made & Haute Couture brand for women, with a really long and remarkable trajectory of 35 years in the market.  As many other great traditional family in fashion businesses, our company maintains the classic spirit of  traditional Haute Couture Houses  with the care and love for the art of couture and the fabrics, but also combined with new fashion trends.  Every haute couture created piece, is handmade in our workshop in Seville, under the supervision of the creator & pattern master, Fernando Claro (65).

During the last 10 years, he has been helped closely by his daughter Beatriz, and that mix from old artistic conception of fashion and the fresh view and manners from a younger generation, enables this brand to have and maintain an elegant and innovative philosophy to keep hitter the market offer with strength and exclusivity.  Since December 2019, the company is also growing as an online solid seller with really creative and innovative items and marketing. 

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